Selling an old IBM AS400/9404

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 07:13:00 2003

The old CISC AS/400's do not retain a lot of value due to their relative
lack of speed, ram and disk capacity, and general proprietary wierdness.
I had a similar but not as nice 9404 E0? and 9402 d02 for free. I believe
that version of the OS might have some Y2k issues. The RISC models are
another story. I hate to say it but you might have better luck selling
the more desirable features like the ethernet if you're intent on selling
it and no one will pick up the whole box.

On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, John Mark wrote:

> I'm selling an '89 IBM AS400/9404 and I'm trying to find out the
> appropriate price. Here are the specs. Anyone able to help me out?
> IBM AS400/9404
> S/N 10-03a9a
> PTF Level: C4060230
> Software Liscence Type: EUL
> OS release level: V2R3
> Includes IBM RPG/400 software
> Tape Drive is a QIC1000 (includes 1 tape, blank as far as I know)
> 2 hard drive bays with 2 drives in each bay
> 1 10BaseT Ethernet adaper with manual
> Several misc plugins
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