DEC 11/03 on eBay

From: Frank Arnold <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 08:51:20 2003

>>John Lawson wrote:
>> An interesting 11/03 system, has twin DSD 8" drives, and some kind of
>> DSD data acquisition card (A/D D/A???) dunno can't see enough detail in
>> the pics.
>> Seller seems to be rather.... well, 'scattered'.... ;}
>> Cheers
>> John
>Jerome Fine replies:
>Seller also seems to has used an out-of-focus set of shots to blur
>any damage.
>At the current price of $ US 9.99, that would seem to be about
>the limit as far as value is concerned. I would not have him power
>things on - too much risk.

Well, today we learned that the value is US $449,44. Most amazing.

I realley wonder, which components make up this value, especialley since this
seems to be more or less untested, lacking the CPU-frontbezel and the cables.

My guess was this would raise between 100 and 150. How wrong I was...

Oh by the way, I'm still looking for a VT132, anyone who likes to get rid of
such one?

Frank Arnold
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