ADMIN: Coming Updates, Question (classiccmp)

From: gil smith <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 12:48:00 2003

Hi Jeffrey:

Some misc thoughts on classiccmp:

When I joined the list, I chose cctech, to reduce the off-topic stuff a
bit. However, When I posted a question to cctech, I missed most of the
answers, since the folks were replying to cctalk. That was no good, so I
joined cctalk instead, and get the extra stuff anyway.

The idea of two lists seems ok, but to me the cctech seems kinda worthless.
  Perhaps it is fine for lurkers, but who wants to miss a reply when they

Then the daily volume of emails got high, so I elected digest mode. The
digest is nice and compact, but not easy to use. It would be great if the
message list had clickable links to the messages below, but then it would
need to be html or pdf, I suppose. And nobody really wants html mail (me

Or, is it possible to make the subject lines of the digest messages bold
(in the messages, not the initial digest list)? Perhaps the message number
too? This way it would be easier to find the message when scrolling way
down in the digest. It's just not simple to read the digest. But I
suppose that can't work in plain text mode either.

It is also not simple to reply to a digest message (cut other stuff out,
change the subject...).

How about a diffent kind of digest: is it possible for the email digest to
have links to the web versions of the messages? Then the digest could
reduce to just a daily list of links (and it is still plain-text email,
with http... links). Read the email summary, click on a link, reply from a
button in the browser window... IIRC, there is currently no way to reply
while viewing a message in the browser. If we could do that, plus a daily
digest of links, it would be quite easy to use.



On Mon Jan 6 01:34:10 2003, Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> By the way, we now have exactly 720 subscribers.
> I would also like to hear (private email please) from subscribers with
> comments for or against the current two-list system. Defense of the ...

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