Power consumption (was: Re: Acetone container swelling; safe to keep? (was: Looking 4...))

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Mon Jan 6 12:50:01 2003

> I measured the power consumption of my Alpha DEC 3000-600: 230 W. Even
> my newish 500 MHz Alpha and the Indigo2 (on topic since 1.1. ;-) ) are
> only at about 140..150 W.

I've noticed that my Alphastation 500/500 generates more heat
than my Alphaserver 4100, and the 4100 has two power supplies
and four 466MHz CPUs.

I couldn't believe it at first (I added the AS500 and the room
got a lot warmer) so I shut them both down, let the room cool
off, then brought the AS500 up. The room quickly got warm. I
then shut the AS500 down, let the room cool off, then brought
up the 4100. The room stayed cool.
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