VAXserver 3100

From: James W. Brinkerhoff <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 17:23:00 2003

I have come into posession of some old DEC equipment...

A VAXserver 3100
Storage Expansion Unit (?)
and a VaxStation 4100 (?)

(?) These look pretty stripped, dunno much bout VAX hardware so I can't really say how bad.

The VaxServer 3100 looks to be mostly complete and gives me some beeps if I turn it on.. I wanna try and get the 3100 to a running state (or at least determine if its worth it) ... Anyone have any pointers to information about this specific model? (it seems that the VAXServer 3100 has a number of submodels /w different connections on the rear?) Or, more specifically, how to determine what model it is *specifically* (other than the nameplate on the front)..

The backside says the model # is DJ-31CP1-A, however a google search doesn't turn up much.

The type of and location for serial consoles would prolly be the biggest help, so I can actually get some output from this thing.

Thanks in advance,

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