IBM 5114

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 17:25:41 2003

An IBM 5114 box, that is just a dual 8" floppy cabinet... yes? Are both
drives the same? (mine have hand written stickers marked D-80 on one, and
D-40 on the other)

I just dug mine out enough to look at it, and that is all it appears to
be. However, I could have sworn that at one point I had a 5 MB hard drive
unit of about the same size (I even had some old 8" floppies that claim
to be backup of a hard drive). Is there a hard drive built into the same

The 5114 has been under my 5110 for many many years, burried in the back
of my telco room. I assume it is the floppy drive unit we used with the
5110, but then, I had assumed it was the 5 MB hard drive that I thought
we once owned.

Maybe now that the 5110 and 5114 are undug, I will take them out and play
with them. I unzippered the bag to the 5110 far enough to confirm that it
is indeed a Basic/APL switchable unit like I thought.

So now the question is... what hard drive was there for use with either
the 5110 or the System/23? I don't know which system my backup floppies
go to, but they are the only two systems that I ever had 8 inch floppies
for, so it must be one of them. (and then the bigger question is... where
did my hard drive go?!? It isn't like it can get up and run away... and
I'm assuming it is large enough that it can't really be hidden in a
corner anywhere... although I did overlook a System/23 datamaster for a
number of years, so anything is possible)

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