11/03 system on eBay sold

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Date: Tue Jan 7 00:49:01 2003

   New here. Any idea what an Amstrad PC 6400 would go for? Everything
works great including the monitor. (From what I was told about it years
ago was that the works are included in the monitor, not the piece the
monitor sits on. I bought this computer new in the 80's..don't quite
remember if it was the early 80's or what.) I have the manuals and
everything for it. It has 2 dual disk drives (256K I think). I have the
software and everything. Funny though, I still use it as I have things I
put on word processing on those large floppies that I never knew how to
retrieve to a smaller disc for my modern computer. The monitor is not
the original one though. That one started smoking one day in the rear
and I never used it again and threw it out. I found an Amstrad color
monitor--the exact same one--in a pawn shop and use that one. Matches in
color and everything. Regards, Bob

Ethan Dicks wrote:

> --- Megan <mbg_at_theworld.com> wrote:
> >
> > >I've been wondering, ever since I got it a few years ago, what my
> > >PDT-11/150 would go for on eBay.
> >
> > Same here... I've got a few with the EIS/FIS chip in them, maybe
> > that qualifies them for 'L_at__at_K, R_at_RE' :-)
> I used to have one. Sold it to another collector in Southern
> Ohio/Northern Kentucky for a song a number of years ago. Was
> originally going to write a Starfleet Battles damage tracking
> system on multiple terminals under RT-11, but decided I was
> probably never going to get around to it (now there's "Starfleet
> Command III", a game I helped beta test that does damage tracking,
> multiplayer, 3D combat rendering, etc., but it's waaay OT and will
> be for 9.75 more years).
> I do miss it, though. I'd seen one in 1985 and it took years
> to track one down. Now, of course, I wish I hadn't gotten rid
> of it. :-(
> -ethan
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