Chip Upgrades for 11/23+

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 13:33:00 2003

>Cobol is the only language afaik which does use it.
>My original reply was just to find out how unusual this chip is, as I have
>one here. It is currently stuck on an 11/24 board, occupying socket 4 & 5.

So, to use that fully loaded /23+ board I've got with all the options, I
need to use Cobol... I assume at least I can use the FIS from languages
other than Cobol :^) Of course I'd have thought both the CIS and FIS could
be used from Macro-11.

Maybe I'll just stick with the /73, rather than playing with the /23+ I've
slowly been getting up and running. The /73 is in a decked out BA123, the
/23+ is in a semi-decked out BA23, and I really should stick the back BA23
in storage as we need the room.


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