Phonemark "Quick Data Drive" - info?, also WTD Commodore 15xx drive, info.

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 13:47:01 2003

At 19:01 07/01/2003, wrote:

>Hi all,
> A while ago I bought a rather unusual C64/VIC20 add-on - a "Quick Data
>Drive", presumably made by a company called Phonemark. ... Does anyone have
>a spare QOS cartridge and/or a few blanks they feel like parting with?

I've got a drive somewhere around here, and maybe a tape or two, I can't
really remember. However, I got two of them in a "10kg box of goodies"
bought from Bull Electrical
( I took one of them
apart, because at that time I didn't recognise the connector. I had vague
notions of using the box for something, but couldn't be bothered in the
end. I chucked that one out. Then, a couple of years ago, I noticed the
price they were selling on eBay for, and cursed...

If I can find the bits, you can have 'em for free - the box shows severe
water damage, so I've no idea what the drive itself is like. I don't think
I have a master cartridge either. I'd recommend you call Bull and see if
they can find any for you, chances are you'll get loads for a song if they
haven't got rid of them all already.

>I'm also trying to track down a Commodore 15xx disk drive - 5.25", 3.5",
>MFM, GCR, whatever, as long as it uses the Commodore serial bus.

eBay if you don't mind paying, otherwise check out garage sales & the like.

Cheers, Ade.
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