Phonemark "Quick Data Drive" - info?, also WTD Commodore 15xx drive, info.

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 14:24:01 2003

Adrian Vickers wrote:
> I've got a drive somewhere around here, and maybe a tape or two, I
> can't really remember. However, I got two of them in a "10kg box of
> goodies" bought from Bull Electrical
> ( I took one of them
> apart, because at that time I didn't recognise the connector. I had
> vague notions of using the box for something, but couldn't be
> bothered in the end. I chucked that one out. Then, a couple of years
> ago, I noticed the price they were selling on eBay for, and cursed...
Can someone here please enlighten me? How much are these things going for on
I'm thinking "L_at__at_K!!! R_at_R3 !!! QUICKDATA DRIVE C64 **NIB**" :-)

> If I can find the bits, you can have 'em for free - the box shows
> severe water damage, so I've no idea what the drive itself is like. I
> don't think I have a master cartridge either. I'd recommend you call
> Bull and see if they can find any for you, chances are you'll get
> loads for a song if they haven't got rid of them all already.
I'll try them, thanks. I got mine from Greenweld, perhaps they've got some
spare wafers in stock...

>> I'm also trying to track down a Commodore 15xx disk drive - 5.25",
>> 3.5", MFM, GCR, whatever, as long as it uses the Commodore serial
>> bus.
> eBay if you don't mind paying, otherwise check out garage sales & the
> like.
I saw one at a hamfest - unfortunately She Who Must Be Obeyed walked up
behind me and said "If you buy that piece of junk, you and your 'find' are
sleeping outside." Grr... Two quid for a C64, tons of disks (not that I need
them - IIRC I've got fifty of 'em) and a 1541. Well, it was a murky brown
colour with a black drive faceplate and it was 5.25", so I guessed it was a
1541. Problem was, the seller would only sell it if I took *all* of it, C64,
drive, disks, the lot.
BTW, last time I saw a C64 at a car boot sale was two years ago. Can someone
suggest a car boot sale either in or within, say, 20 miles of Leeds,
England? I've tried the car boot sale that's usually held on Cross Green
Trading Estate weekly (every Sunday, 9AM->noon IIRC) - total white elephant.

Perhaps someone here has a 1541 or a 1571 they want rid of (hint hint), or
perhaps a few (two or three) WesternDigital WD177x series drive controllers?

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