Phonemark "Quick Data Drive" - info?, also WTD Commodore 15xx drive, info.

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 15:46:00 2003

Adrian Vickers wrote:
>> Can someone here please enlighten me? How much are these things
>> going for on Ebay?
> Well, 3 have sold in the last calendar month for between #8.50 & #10.
> Then 2 batches of 4 for circa 8.50 (so around 2.12 quid each). The
> first one I saw going through eBay notched up about #35.
Hmm... Might be worth ringing Gweld, ordering ten of them, then auctioning
them off :)

>> I'll try them, thanks. I got mine from Greenweld, perhaps they've
>> got some spare wafers in stock...
> I suspect most of the eBay ones have come from other purchasors of
> Bull's Box'o'Junk^wGoodies, BICBW.
I *was* going to buy one of Bull's "Five 2.3Ah 12V Yuasa Lead Acid batteries
for fifteen quid" boxes but then I noticed that postage would be ?5.50 and
there was no guarantee that the batteries would even work...

>>> eBay if you don't mind paying, otherwise check out garage sales &
>>> the like.
>> I saw one at a hamfest - unfortunately She Who Must Be Obeyed walked
>> up behind me and said "If you buy that piece of junk, you and your
>> 'find' are sleeping outside." Grr...
> You could have offered her in part exchange.... :)

>> Two quid for a C64, tons of disks (not that I need
>> them - IIRC I've got fifty of 'em) and a 1541. Well, it was a murky
>> brown colour with a black drive faceplate and it was 5.25", so I
>> guessed it was a 1541. Problem was, the seller would only sell it if
>> I took *all* of it, C64, drive, disks, the lot.
> One of these?
That's it! That's the one!

> Mind you, there's no way I'd pay 23 quid for one...
Same here... ?10 maybe, ?20 with a LOT of thought, but not ?23...

>> BTW, last time I saw a C64 at a car boot sale was two years ago. Can
>> someone suggest a car boot sale either in or within, say, 20 miles
>> of Leeds, England? I've tried the car boot sale that's usually held
>> on Cross Green Trading Estate weekly (every Sunday, 9AM->noon IIRC)
>> - total white elephant.
> Dunno about Leeds. The best I've been to is Hackney market (N. London,
> natch). And all they had in the classic comp range was one mucky but
> servicable C64C (#1), and a Mac LC ii (which I wish I'd bought, even
> though it was just lying in some mud).
That's about the best I've seen around here, too. A Sinclair Spectrum +2 for
?45 - just the machine. No thanks. I still need to track down a lightgun and
the games pack for my +2A. My brother pulled apart the lightgun and the
tapes when I was six. I got the +2A as a birthday present and I'd really
like to complete it. A disk drive and controller would be nice, too.
Right now, I need to get the Jupiter Ace fixed, my silly little Samsung
SyncMaster3 replaced (I've got my eyes on a Sony CPD-E215) and my EPROM
eraser replaced. In that order.
The EPROM eraser's problem? It's got a very minor light leak. i.e. the
manufacturer didn't see any reason to put any seals around the top cover. So
it leaks UV from two gaps in the casing and also has a white time setting
control that glows blue when the eraser's running... Can someone suggest a
fix for this or is my eraser a junker? The damn thing cost me ?70 from
Maplin Electronics (special order, too)...
Are the Magenta EPROM eraser kits any good?

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