Phonemark "Quick Data Drive" - info?, also WTD Commodore 15xx drive, info.

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 17:14:01 2003

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>Adrian Vickers wrote:
> >> Can someone here please enlighten me? How much are these things
> >> going for on Ebay?
> > Well, 3 have sold in the last calendar month for between #8.50 & #10.
> > Then 2 batches of 4 for circa 8.50 (so around 2.12 quid each). The
> > first one I saw going through eBay notched up about #35.

>Hmm... Might be worth ringing Gweld, ordering ten of them, then auctioning
>them off :)

Indeed, although I doubt they'll reach those giddy heights again. Then
again, stranger things have happened on eBay...

>I *was* going to buy one of Bull's "Five 2.3Ah 12V Yuasa Lead Acid batteries
>for fifteen quid" boxes but then I noticed that postage would be ?5.50 and
>there was no guarantee that the batteries would even work...

IMHO, never by 1/2hand LA batteries. It's just not worth the hassle, and
they don't exactly cost squillions to buy brand new.


> > Mind you, there's no way I'd pay 23 quid for one...
>Same here... ?10 maybe, ?20 with a LOT of thought, but not ?23...

?10 is about as high as I'd go. There's another C64 auction on the go,
sounds like the same sort of deal as your hamfest one ('64 & paraphenalia
(sp?) + the 1541). Just don't tell the missus about the rest of it until it
turns up "honest, I didn't realise...". Or just immediately re-auction
everything except the d/drive.

> > Dunno about Leeds. The best I've been to is Hackney market (N. London,
> > natch). And all they had in the classic comp range was one mucky but
> > servicable C64C (#1), and a Mac LC ii (which I wish I'd bought, even
> > though it was just lying in some mud).
>That's about the best I've seen around here, too. A Sinclair Spectrum +2 for
>?45 - just the machine. No thanks. I still need to track down a lightgun and
>the games pack for my +2A. My brother pulled apart the lightgun and the
>tapes when I was six. I got the +2A as a birthday present and I'd really
>like to complete it. A disk drive and controller would be nice, too.

I picked up a disk i/f for the speccy a while ago (I can't even remember
what it's called now, without trundling upstairs to look, and I CBA). I
know it's not a Disciple or Multiface, so it's An Other One.

Pretty nifty, though, and I especially like the interrupt button (ala

>Right now, I need to get the Jupiter Ace

Drool. I've always wanted an Ace, also a Sord M5 (those two just because
they look cool).
Also a Sirius ACT 1 (with neat features like volume controlled from the
almost-but-not-quite-standard keyboard, and those idiotic hard-sectored
disks... It would set you back ?2,195 for a 128k machine with 1.2MB
floppies in 1983. I'm not sure what that equates to if corrected for inflation.

Cheers, Ade.
Be where it's at, B-Racing!
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