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Date: Wed Jan 8 01:03:00 2003

> Do you know if there's any difference in performance between the
> MPU-401
> and MT-32? Or is it simply a difference in implementation.

[See previous comment about MT-32 vs LAPC-1]

IIRC (and I've just proved how reliable my memory is :-\ ) the MPU-401 was a MIDI
interface with no instruments and the MT-32 was an external module that required
either a MIDI or serial interface. You would use the two together.

[Of course, if I'd sent this to the right place first time this wouldn't be redundant now.]

I distinctly remember having to play around with some mapping untilities to get
the LAPC-1 to get even close to general MIDI and I'm fairly sure there were a
bunch of sounds that simply weren't there. However, there were also a heap of
sounds the MT-32/LAPC-1 did that weren't in the general MIDI list. I had
multiple sound cards and I used to have fairly complicated channel and instrument
mapping going on.

I used to have a Miracle Piano Teaching System too, which had some nice sounds.
Never did get all that far with it though.

Anyone else have the optional CMS chips for the original Soundblaster 1.0? I
remember a lot of Seirra games sounding a lot better with the extra channels.
Damn I wish I'd kept that stuff now.

Chris J.

Sorry to vance-at-neurotica . com for the dupe, I need to pay more attention to the from: line....
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