Engine confusion

From: Rick Bensene <rickb_at_bensene.com>
Date: Wed Jan 8 01:23:00 2003

OK. Chrysler Corp. had a 273. It was used in early Barracudas (before
the 'Cuda, which
was introduced in '70). The 273 was superceded by the 318 in
somewhere around
'67 or so. Chrysler never made a 283. Neither did Ford. That
displacement was only made by Chevrolet as one of the early Small-Block
Chevy engines (a follow on to the original 265 CI Chevy
Small Block).

In '70, the Barracuda and the sportier 'Cuda model could both be ordered
with a 383. The 318
small block was avaialable in the Barracuda, as was the 383. The 'Cuda
could be had
with a 340 Six Pack (a very hot setup with 3 2-barrel carbs which was
called the AAR 'Cuda -- a very highly-sought after collector car today),
a 383 four-barrel (the standard engine in the 'Cuda), a 440 four-barrel,
a 440 Six Pack (very rare), and, the cream of the crop, the 426 Hemi
(also very rare).

The same basic engine lineup with the exception of the 440 Six Pack was
available in '74. By this time, though, the 383 was crippled with
smogisms, lowered
compression, and was a mere ghost of the 325 (Gross)HP 383 that was
available in '70'.

So, it's likely tha the original poster of the message simply typo'd
when the message
was composed putting in '2'83 rather than '3'83.

What relationship all of this has to classic computers is a mystery to
me...but it just
happens that I'm a fan of '60's and early '70's musclecars, so I thought
I'd chime in.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Web Museum

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> > 283? When did they start putting Ford engines in
> Plymouths? I think
> you mean 318.
> 283 would be a Chevy engine, Ford would be a 289. Best stick
> with computers guys !!!
> Rich
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