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In related news:

Norwegian teenager acquitted in DVD film cracking case
Tue Jan 7, 7:26 PM ET

By DOUG MELLGREN, Associated Press Writer

OSLO, Norway - Hollywood didn't get its happy ending when a Norwegian court
acquitted a teenager of digital burglary charges for creating and
circulating online a program that cracks the security codes on DVDs.

Tuesday's ruling, a blow to the entertainment industry's drive to curtail
illegal copying of its movies, was a key test in how far copyright holders
can go in preventing duplication of their intellectual property.

Jon Lech Johansen, who was 15 when he developed and posted the program on
the Internet in late 1999, said he developed the software only to watch DVD
movies he owned on a Linux-based computer that lacked DVD-viewing software.

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For those of you nutz about the current efforts to make
digital copyrights overly restrictive,
here's a FUN place to visit, as regards to this problem.


If you allow popups,
go here instead and it will pop the above.

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