Sharp MZ-80K/A/B again

From: Ade Vickers <>
Date: Wed Jan 8 08:05:00 2003

Many years ago, I owned an MZ-80K. With it, were a whole stack of
magazines, which (IIRC) were called Sharpsoft User Group, or something
similar to that.

Sadly, I sold that MZ-80K to a friend (along with all the mags), and
they (comp & mags) have long since passed into oblivion.

The thing is, those magazines were worth more than their weight in gold,
in terms of information about the MZ-80 series computers; there was
loads of type-in software, stuff about peeks & pokes, and so on & so
forth. Thing is, I cannot find a single reference on the internet to
Sharpsoft, save for some unrelated stuff, and a couple of references to
cash registers. :(

So, does anyone else remember the Sharpsoft mags (incidentally, they are
unrelated to the UK-based Sharp Users Group), if so does anyone *have*
any, and if so can I either buy/trade/borrow them?

Thanks in advance!

B-Racing, "B" where the action is!
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