Chip Upgrades for 11/23 (was Re: 11/03 system on eBay sold)

From: Frank Arnold <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 04:34:41 2003

>From: Andreas Freiherr <>
>Yes, there sure was a CIS chip for the 11/23[+]. And I am still looking
>for one to upgrade one of mine. I do have the FPF-11 floating point
>processor board that alternately connects to the socket for the FIS
>chip, I have a FIS chip in another processor board, but the sockets for
>CIS are still vacant in both.
>Once I get it / Should I ever get it, which languages could make use of
>it? - Assembler, of course, and COBOL, I think?

The language that will use it is DIBOL, DIgital Buisiness Orieted Language.
This was packaged in COS300 and COS500 os's. These were if I understood it right
RT11 + Dibol and RSTS + Dibol respectively.

I wonder, EIS/FIS chip as well as CIS are basicalley Roms that expand the
microcode control store of the F-11 microprocessor. True?
If so, whats the word-width and depth of this Rom, and what's the timing? Does
anyone have doc's on this?
Would be interesting to see if I could make a CIS "emulator" from standard
components. I know that the CIS is a six-chip carier-assembly spanning two
sockets on a 11/23+ CPU-board

Frank Arnold
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