Chip Upgrades for 11/23 (was Re: 11/03 system on eBay sold)

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 06:34:12 2003


be sure to lock your back door: I might sneak in and rip that chip from
your 11/24! ;-) - It seems to be about as common as a cache board (KK11)
for a PDP-11/34A. The latter I have (out of the only PDP-11 I ever paid
for!), but my quest for a CIS chip has not turned up anything in years.

In case you have (or can take) a picture of this chip, I'd appreciate a
link. I assume it is a fairly large ceramic base (to span the pair of
40-pin sockets) with one or more actual chips and perhaps some small
capacitors on top, somewhat similar to the /73 CPU chip, but larger?


The Wanderer wrote:
> Cobol is the only language afaik which does use it.
> My original reply was just to find out how unusual this chip is, as I have
> one here. It is currently stuck on an 11/24 board, occupying socket 4 & 5.
> Ed
> Andreas Freiherr wrote:
>>Yes, there sure was a CIS chip for the 11/23[+]. And I am still looking
>>for one to upgrade one of mine. I do have the FPF-11 floating point
>>processor board that alternately connects to the socket for the FIS
>>chip, I have a FIS chip in another processor board, but the sockets for
>>CIS are still vacant in both.
>>Once I get it / Should I ever get it, which languages could make use of
>>it? - Assembler, of course, and COBOL, I think?
>>Megan wrote:
>>>I don't believe that there ever was a CIS chip for the 11/03,02
>>>chipset. There was one for the 11/23[+]...
>>Andreas Freiherr
>>Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany

Andreas Freiherr
Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany
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