Mator Shark pics

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 15:18:00 2003

OK, "pic" would be a better description....

There's a picture of the whole thing here:

Also, a bad picture showing the end of the directory output:

41124 blocks free, aka somewhere around 10mb.

Luckily, ICPUG *has* a copy of the discdiag routines (the correct one too,
as far as I can tell); all I have to do now is somehow get it from PC to
PET (obviously, finding somewhere to store it on the PET is no longer a
problem <g>).

Tomorrow, I will take the cover off, and do a "proper" series of pics of
the circuit boards, disc, etc. I will also get a sound sample of it
starting up (I got one with the camera, but it was too far away to be
discernable from background noise).

Incidentally, the disc itself takes a significantly large portion of the
box... The disc & interface controller (a large board across the top) is
based on an Intel 8080A BTW, instead of the more usual 6502. I shall also
re-type the manual (where possible, some of the pages haven't photocopied
very well), and can make that available to anyone who desires it.
Cheers, Ade.
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