Mator Shark pics

From: Jarkko Teppo <>
Date: Fri Jan 10 00:42:00 2003

Adrian Vickers said:

> OK, "pic" would be a better description....
> There's a picture of the whole thing here:

Whoa! That's one lovely piece of machinery! Is the 710 yours ?

I've always thought that Commore PET/CBM series had the weirdest
unknown peripherals ever.

When the Finnish importer (only one at the time) went bankrupt in 1991
I had a chance to go to the clearance auction. I got a few similar
machines (8296 and 200) and other stuff. The dealer briefly let
me see a orange/black box, supposedly made in Hungary (or Bulgaria),
5 MB hardrive for CBM-machines. I didn't inquire further and I'm
still a bit ticked off about it.

Anyone ever heard of Hydra ?

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