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From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Thu Jan 9 17:27:00 2003

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> > There's a picture of the whole thing here:
> >
> >
>Yep! That's huge. About twice the size of a D9090.

Aye, probably about twice the weight as well. It's made out of standard
Commodore-grade metal (i.e. bloody heavy stuff).

> > Luckily, ICPUG *has* a copy of the discdiag routines...
>Cool. Do they have a web/ftp site, or do you have to get
>physical disks from them?

Well... I've downloaded the lynx'ed image, and I'm currently trying to get
the damn thing to extract on VICE. If I can do that, and basically make
myself a D64 image, then I'll be laughing. Unfortunately, there seems to be
a problem with lynx ATM, it's bombing out after the first file in any Lynx
archive :(

If I can't get it to work at all, then I'll see if ICPUG can get me
physical disks.

[addendum] In the time it's taken me to write this message, I think I might
have fixed the LYNX problem - something to do with filenames longer than 12
chars. Dunno what that's about. [/addendum]

> > ...all I have to do now is somehow get it from PC to
> > PET (obviously, finding somewhere to store it on the PET is no longer a
> > problem <g>).
>I have a device I got from Marko Makela - the C2N232
>It's a microcontroller that plugs into any 8-bit C= cassette connector
>(PET, C-64, VIC-20, etc) and speaks RS-232 out the other end. I have
>tested mine with a VIC-20 and a W2K laptop. I still owe Marko a test
>with my 2001-N once I get it working reliably. You can use the
>ordinary ROM tape routines for the C= side, or you can download a
>faster utility that knows how the C2N232 works.

Ooh, neat.

>I think they are around 20-25 Euros.
>Another option would require a 1541 drive and an X(E)1541 cable, and
>a C= 2040/3040/4040 drive. You write the disk from the PC using the
>1541 and the parallel cable, then read the disk in the PET with whatever
>native drive you have. If you lack the drives, then a C2N232 is probably
>the cheapest way to go. If you have the hardware, even if you have to
>make the cable, then _that_ is the cheapest way to go.

My plan is to make the cable (maybe tomorrow), as I have a couple of 1541's.

> > Incidentally, the disc itself takes a significantly large portion of the
> > box... The disc & interface controller (a large board across the top) is
> > based on an Intel 8080A BTW, instead of the more usual 6502.
>Interesting. The D9060/D9090 has one board that has a 6502 and (IIRC)
>6504. The 6502 runs the Commodore DOS and speaks IEEE-488. The 6504
>speaks SASI to the next board, which is SASI<->ST506. The drive is
>a 4 head or 6 head Tandon drive. Others have had good luck with
>installing a newer drive with the right number of heads, like an ST225
>or ST241.

I'm told that the disk inside is a Priam. I've not confirmed this by
actually looking, but will do soon. I have no idea what language the Priam
speaks, but I'm sure that if it does give up the ghost, it will be possible
to replace with *something*, even if it's a PIC board which speaks to a
modern IDE drive.

>Be neat to see how the Shark works. Was that a UK product?

It was - made by Mator Computers Ltd (or something like that anyway).

Cheers, Ade.
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