Sharp PC-7221 Configuration Problem

From: Mike Davis <>
Date: Sat Jan 11 20:24:00 2003

I have two Sharp PC-7221 lunchbox computer and both have "invalid
configuration information" error upon booting. And to press "F1 to
continue". I press F1 and then it says there is "no boot device

When I boot from FDD, it boots ok. I figured that the Hard drive
just needed to be formatted and FDISKed. So, I run FDISK but it
returns that there is no Fixed Drive in system.

But they are present.... I can see them... they spins up and the
drive is initially accessed upon booting without floppy. That is,
the HDD light comes on for about 1 second.

Someone suggested that I could remove the internal battery and it
would boot up with the default configuration. I tried that but it
didn't change anything.

Is this just something that can be fixed with the proper

Anyone have the files for the configuration disk? Can you send them
to me? Are they available on the internet?

Thanks in advance.

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