HP9000 Workstations

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Date: Mon Jan 13 09:40:14 2003

I actually still use some 700 series (735) and C180's at work. The 735's make nice XTerminals and the C180's are good for software testing since you can run 9.x - 11i on them safely.

I'm no expert on the subject at all, but I can tell you they are usable in a work environment. The 300's on the other hand, if they don't qualify by age, they certainly should by physical design :)

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  Hi Folks,

  Please forgive my ignorance in this respect, but are HP9000 series 300 and 700 workstations considered classic computers yet. The ones I'm thinking of were new around about 1992, and are pretty well complete - although the owner can't get them to boot now. You might have seen my list of stuff I posted here last week - same stuff.

  I thought I'd better make a posting asking a bit more about their classic status now - since I didn't get a single expression of interest in the equipment.

  Are they desirable at all - or just old boxes? The lack of interest might have been because I stated thet they were uk based, do any other Brits subscribe to this list?

  So many questions, so little time....

  Seriously, if anyone can spare a few minutes to steer me in the right direction on getting rid of these things I'd really appreciate it.

  Many thanks

  Adrian Manise
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