IBM PS/2 Model 25

From: Daniel Hicks <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 15:24:00 2003

Well, I would only need one. The better of the two. Could you see how much
it would cost to ship it to Lansing, Michigan? Zip code - 48912.

I have several Model 60's and 80's so do not need those. I used to use
these in high school, and am looking to put together a small collection of
IBM computers from that time. I already have a couple of other desktop
model 25's. I even have an original PC and PCjr which was my first
computer. Why am I interested? Nostalgic reasons only, nothing more.

I am certainly interested if you could tell me the cost of shipping to

Thanks much,

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> On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Daniel Hicks wrote:
> > I am looking for a good, cheap PS/2 Model 25 (sx I think). It's the
> > all-in-one model, with the screen built into the computer itself. It
> > have at least one disk drive, hard drive and a keyboard and mouse would
> > nice.
> I have a pair. Heavy, in decent shape (not 100% original screws, but 90%
> are). Any particular reason you are looking for one? These machines are
> 8086s with 512K of RAM, and 720K floppy drives. They shipped with 83-key
> keyboards to the best of my knowledge, but I haven't seen any in a good
> long while.
> Anyone want a pair of Model 80s? ;-)
> I don't know what it would cost to pack and ship these two; I wouldn't be
> asking any money for them, just to be rid of them. I have serial terminals
> now and don't really have a need for the PS/2s.
> (They drop packets like crazy if you use them as network terminals.)
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