IBM PS/2 Model 25

From: Daniel Hicks <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 15:34:00 2003

Thanks, I am quite familiar with them. In my high school I was in charging
of maintaining the ten that we had in a small computer lab. If I recall,
they had 20-MB hard drives and a single 720-k floppy drive. we used DOS and
WordPerfect 5.1 on them. The school gave them all to me after I graduated,
and like a fool I trashed them (along with 10 model 80's, and 10 old Zenith
machines) Now nostalgia is setting in and I would like to get my hands on
one again.


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Subject: Re: IBM PS/2 Model 25

> > I am looking for a good, cheap PS/2 Model 25 (sx I think).
> > ... Again, looking for cheap.
> Be prepared. Typically 25's are 8086 with no hard drive.
> The options you want probably existed but would make
> the model considerably rarer.
> John A.
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