Help with pricing on vintage computers?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jan 13 16:01:02 2003

On 13 Jan 2003, , Marvin Johnston wrote:

> Ebay is a retail venue; most people don't expect wholesale
> prices at Sears :). And there *have* been some *incredible*
> buys on Ebay. Someone I know bought an item on Ebay that
> just happened to be one of the two known prototype motors
> built by Tesla. I don't recall the pricing but I think it
> was less than $100. And for someone who either doesn't have
> or who doesn't want to take the time to do their own
> treasure hunting, Ebay is an excellent choice. And the
> prices are mostly reasonable.

 Now THAT is sick and only underlines the skewed
bidding values that are EBay. That one of only 2
prototype Tesla motors could have even appeared on
public auction is at the very least disgraceful and sickens
me. How on earth could a forerunner of all AC motors by
IMHO the greatest engineer of the 20th century even be
released into the public domain. Either a sad comment
on the lack of depth of education, or the success of
Edison and his supporters to erase from history the name
of this remarkable man. I dearly hope he is going to hold
it in trust and eventually turn it over to a caring museum.

 To hell with all the Apple 1s, PDP-12s, or Altairs.
Compared to this they are insignificant. I'm just
surprised it didn't make headlines.

 This isn't a put-on, is it Marvin ? The more I think
about it, the less believable it becomes.

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