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Date: Wed Jan 15 12:37:41 2003

If you go to http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=112379 you'll see the 6360 is a 603e running at 160MHz. It'll also tell you about what configuration it shipped in, max ram, etc.



The portable should have a model number somewhere. That could give me some
info as to processor and speed. Need that first.

The "Performa" line was an attempt by Apple to sell through non-traditional
stores like Sears and such. It was super easy to buy. It came preconfigured
and was sold as a total package including mon. and printer.
I believe the 6360 may be a "Power PC" and faster than the older Macs. It
may also have remote infrared capabilities. You could see that in the small
red window on the front.

I am glad that you stuck with Mac an got an iMac.

Wanna sell the 6360???

Paul Mika
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