Ron Collison (and anyone else): XENIX

From: m_d <>
Date: Wed Jan 15 12:38:13 2003

> BTW, whats true about the number of manuals/disks, etc, etc.
> Anyone have good resources on capabilities? does X compile on it?
> support for video. I assume it doesn't work, but then I've seen stranger
> things.

If this is what I think it is - ie IBM XENIX for the PC/AT it's a
fairly early XENIX 286 which is probably at a level of functionality
roughly equivalent to UNIX System III.

Being a 16 bit 286 port you have to live within the limits of a 64K
segmented architecture - I'm pretty sure the compiler supported
small model (1 x 64k code segment + 1 x 64k data segment)
and middle model (multiple 64k code segments + 1 64k data segment).
It may or may not have supported large model (multiple code and
data segments) but even if it did the support was probably pretty buggy.

Don't even think about trying to build things like X unless you
are extremely masochistic.
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