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From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Wed Jan 15 15:09:00 2003

> I have a 200Mhz 6400 tower. Pretty nice machine, except that it lacks
> ethernet. I've got it running MacOS 8.0, and until recently, I also had BeOS
> on it. Runs both really well. Has a built in subwoofer for incredibly rich
> sound. My main complaint: Other than adding RAM or PCI cards, upgrades are
> nearly impossible with that impenetrable case.

Yeah, I'm not wild about that case either. Personally, other than the new
Apple cases which have the swing-out motherboard (it was a joy to add cards
and RAM to my new dual G4), I liked the case of the 72-73-75-7600 series,
since it slid off and opened up with minimal effort.

My 7300 is still my main Mac, too (but with a 60GB ATA/133, 512MB RAM, a
16MB Rage 128 card and a G3/500, it's hardly stock anymore ;-).

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