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Date: Wed Jan 15 17:05:01 2003

On Jan 15, 10:55, Jules Richardson wrote:
> > You lucky devil - I've been looking for a BBC Micro ARM Evaluation Kit
> > years! I saw one at a show ("Last ARM Evaluation Kit In Existence") -
> > just made me want one even more :-)
> :-)
> Any idea how many were released into the wild? I certainly had no luck
> down any info for mine when I last tried (which was about 8 years ago
> admittedly)
> They don't seem to have been that common at all...

No, they weren't. I worked for Acorn at the time, and even then I only saw
one or two. I saw more of the ARM PC cards. But now I know maybe
half-a-dozen people who own one. There was one on EBay a while ago.

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