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On Jan 15, 10:53, Jules Richardson wrote:

> > ARM Evaluation Kit - yep - that's the one. I do have various discs and
> > manuals for it, too. I used to love the "twin" editor - several open
> > at one, and could cut and paste between them. Ahead of it's time...
> yeah, that's it. Without any discs or being able to find anyone who knew
> anything about it I'm afraid mine got put in storage. I believe I've got
> original polystyrene packaging for it, but no discs or outer box or
> (go figure)

I can copy the six disks for you, but as I mentioned in previous post, my
Disc 1 has a corrupt track.

> I've got some other BBC add-on in the same style housing as the ARM unit,
> can't remember what it is now. It wasn't the teletext unit unfortunately,
> that could have been interesting to play about with.

Most of the Acorn add-ons came in the same housing. All the Second
Processors (6502, Z80, 32016) and the Universal Second Processor box (so
you could use Master Series upgrades like a Turbo, Master 512 80186 CoPro,
or the Scientific), Teletext Adaptor, Prestel Adaptor, IEEE Interface, and
probably others.

> > They were expensive, but much more expandable than the spectrum. At
> > point I had about six of them in my bedroom on an econet network, had
> > several on modems running a multi-user BBS.
> excellent :-)
> I never got into the networking side of things with them (I've got all
> fileserver/network for the RM Link machines which I believe were the
> alternative to having BBCs in the UK)

I had a three-station Econet in the house in 1984 or 1985, and it
eventually grew to include a Master 128, a Compact, and a Filestore.

> I seem to remember this machine is way more complex than the innards of
an XT
> though, with about 1.5x the board space and a lot of ULA chips on board.
> I'm sure Ferranti produced much better machines than glorified IBM clones
> though, if that's what this is :-)

:-) In my earlier reply, I was thinking of rather older Ferranti
computers. At least a decade older, maybe two...

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