Mac TV

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 15 17:35:01 2003

>Is this something worth buying?

If you are a Mac collector, sure, since its a cool little peice of Apple
history... if you want it as an investment, not unless you get it nearly
free. The prices for them have been steadily falling on eBay, so it is
unlikely that you will be able to purchase one and be able to resell it
at a high enough price to make it worth your time and effort.

But, if you happen to come across them in an auction or scrap yard or
otherwise, and can snag one for $10 like John did... then grab it. I
think there are a few people on this list alone that might be willing to
give you $25 to $50 for one, and you can probably get closer to $100 on
eBay still. If it is totally complete, manuals, software, remote,
everything, and is in good cosmetic condition, and everything works
properly, then you might just might be able to snag upwards of $250 on
eBay. Just remember, this is eBay... that means one will sell today for
$250 and tomorrow for $35.

Outside of eBay, I have not noticed Mac collectors willing to pay more
than $100 for a complete, working system. The MacTV is not a terribly
rare item (I think Apple sold something in the range of 10,000 units...
and there is usually at least one on eBay in a given month)

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