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Date: Wed Jan 15 18:21:00 2003

Good answers and I would agree with your prices.
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> >Is this something worth buying?
> If you are a Mac collector, sure, since its a cool little peice of Apple
> history... if you want it as an investment, not unless you get it nearly
> free. The prices for them have been steadily falling on eBay, so it is
> unlikely that you will be able to purchase one and be able to resell it
> at a high enough price to make it worth your time and effort.
> But, if you happen to come across them in an auction or scrap yard or
> otherwise, and can snag one for $10 like John did... then grab it. I
> think there are a few people on this list alone that might be willing to
> give you $25 to $50 for one, and you can probably get closer to $100 on
> eBay still. If it is totally complete, manuals, software, remote,
> everything, and is in good cosmetic condition, and everything works
> properly, then you might just might be able to snag upwards of $250 on
> eBay. Just remember, this is eBay... that means one will sell today for
> $250 and tomorrow for $35.
> Outside of eBay, I have not noticed Mac collectors willing to pay more
> than $100 for a complete, working system. The MacTV is not a terribly
> rare item (I think Apple sold something in the range of 10,000 units...
> and there is usually at least one on eBay in a given month)
> -chris
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