Selling an old IBM AS400/9404

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Wed Jan 15 20:43:00 2003

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Will Jennings wrote:

> For what its worth, I know how to hack the QSEFCOR password... And I have 3
> different MULIC tapes, too.. I'm working on getting more, to provide an

How do you tell a MULIC tape? Is there anything special printed on it?
(like MULIC?)

I have a number of tapes from a CISC 9404 or 9402 which claim to be OS/400
V2 as well as other tapes the purpose of is unclear. How would I know if
they are of any importance? None of them specifically says MULIC.

> archive for other 400-heads like myself.. I own like 7 of the things if you
> count the couple machines that exist in board state only.

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