Y2K/Y10K for V5.03 of RT-11

From: Megan <mbg_at_TheWorld.com>
Date: Wed Jan 15 22:30:00 2003

>I wanted to use the
>to control the use of all the the bug fixes and enhancements.
>This command could control the use of all of the changes
>made to programs with just one command.

When designing RT-11, we tried to limit SET options to be
only those things which choose between multiple options, not
whether something was 'fixed' or not. If it needs fixing, it
needs fixing and should be always on.

I would hope this policy would be maintained, even if this
is a hobbyist effort, otherwise the spirit behind the way
things were done in RT is lost.

                                        Megan Gentry
                                        Former RT-11 Developer

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