Glacier Peak Rainbow

From: Gary Stebbins <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 21:30:48 2003

Wow, I'm impressed with the interest in the old Rainbow. I'd promised one of
the local people he could have the equipment I had left (late 1998), which
included a 100A, a 100B, and miscellaneous parts. The guy never showed, and
after it had sat in the weather for over a month with him not picking it up,
I trashed it all. I wish it would have gone to someone that could have
appreciated it.

If someone is interested in putting these files on an FTP server, I'll send
him a CD of all files. If not, I'll create individual CDs for those
interested (within reasonable limits). I've attached a zip file that
contains two files. "glacier.lis" contains a directory of all files that
were in the file areas of Glacier Peak Rainbow at the time it was taken
off-line. "Rainbow.lis" contains a directory of files I think I got from the
DECUS site around the end of 1997 (guessing from the file dates). I don't
recall for sure the source of these files. I also have a RBKermit directory
not shown in either of these files. As I don't follow the list, please cc me
in any related messages.

And, thanks for the kind words about Glacier Peak Rainbow!

Gary Stebbins
Former Glacier Peak Rainbow sysop

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 Well I am certainly interested. There are a few other
Rainbow people on the list as well. There is also some
movement to get Jeff Armstrongs old Rainbow site up and
going again on Jay West's server. Your BBS site was the
one that popped up most in the old FIDO Rainbow list. It
would be great to have that archive available.

 Geoff Reed who's on this list and was a regular on the
FIDO Rainbow pointed me in your direction but I was
unable to track you down.

 I'll get back to you off-list.


On 14 Jan 2003, , Gary Stebbins wrote:

> I just happened to run across your archived messages from last
> November when searching the 'net for something else. I'm not quite
> sure from what I saw exactly where the messages were posted. That sure
> brings back memories!
> I still have the old files from Glacier Peak Rainbow sitting on a hard
> drive (it's not like the old days when I was worrying about exceeding
> the space on a 10 or 20 MB hard drive). There are about 640 files in
> 22 MB. I could burn CDs for anyone interested.
> Gary Stebbins
> former Glacier Peak Rainbow sysop
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