ADMIN: What if ClassicCmp were a blog?

From: Kees Stravers <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 21:31:46 2003

At 03:09 16-1-2003 -0500, Chad Fernandez wrote:
>Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
>> In my quest to cover every aspect, to think about every permutation of what
>> ClassicCmp *could* be in the future, I have yet another question to ask
>> ClassicCmp subscribers: What if ClassicCmp were a weblog, in the style of
>> Slashdot or Kuro5hin?
>It sounds like you are talking about a web board type thing. Please NO.
> There are a few that I read from time to time, but they are a pain to
>navigate, and email is so much easier! Web boards are what non-computer
>people tend to use, in my opinion. I wish the various truck boards I
>read were mailing lists!!!!

I totally agree with Chad. If classiccmp were changed into a web board format,
I would leave. Thanks to the mail list format, all messages are delivered to
my computer when they are sent, and I can look through them at my leasure.
I do not have to go and check if something new and interesting has appeared,
because all messages will be on my computer already. Mail is push and web board
is pull, and pull is unneeded work when push is available in my opinion.

Reading email is much easier to do than reading a web board, for the boards
I have seen you have to do an unbelievable amount of mouse clicking or other
interaction with your computer to see the messages, a lot more than you would
have to with your email program. For people already bordering on RSI problems
this is not a good thing. Also you have to wait on the server for each message
to appear, more waiting time than you would have from your mailer. And you have
to be online all the time to read the board, and with mail you go online, get
all the messages, and disconnect again. Over here in Europe local calls are
not free! Reading classiccmp online would soon be too expensive.

Please keep the mailing list format. It is fast, simple, and easy to use.
There are enough tools available to deal with the unavoidable spam.

Kees Stravers - Geldrop, The Netherlands
Received on Thu Jan 16 2003 - 21:31:46 GMT

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