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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Fri Jan 17 01:02:00 2003

 I've never seen that one. My main source is Grob's
"Basic Electronics" which was the text-book in one
of my electronic courses or the on-line sci.electonics


On 16 Jan 2003, , Tony Duell wrote:

> > >On the other hand, the reply to some newbie electronic
> > >questions might well be RTFB (B=Book, the Fine Book, is
> > >of course, 'The Art of Electronics':-)).
> > >
> > And a damn fine book it is too! Seeing this prompted me to
> > check if it
> Well, I like it enough to have both editions and both lab
> manuals....
> There are some things in it that I disagree with, but
> actually, that applies to just about any book I've ever
> read. I don't recall anything that made me scream out 'THey
> are suggesting WHAT ?!!!?!?'
> There are some areas of electronics it doesn't cover that
> well (active filters and RF being 2 areas that I would want
> other books for). But it'll give you a good understanding of
> the basics and beyond (way beyond) of most of electronics.
> And when you've read and understood most of it, you'll (a)
> be able to make sense of most other electronics books and
> (b) you'll be able to make up your own mind one which bits
> you don't fully agree with.
> -tony

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