Bunch of XT parts available

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Fri Jan 17 01:02:47 2003

 There's the Inboard PC/386 that was put out by Intel. I
have one installed in one of my IBM PCs. Intel also put
out a 2meg daughtercard for it, which unfortunately I"ve
never been able to find.


On 17 Jan 2003, , No Junk Mail wrote:

> Does that fact that I'm in Australia rule me out?
> I could probably do with a couple of interesting 8-bit ISA
> cards for an Amstrad PC-20 I want to mod. Do you, in fact,
> does anyone have one of those old hard-drive-on-a-card
> things that still works?
> And possibly a sound card might be interesting for the
> second slot. Again, something big would be cool, as the
> cards stick out of the case on the PC-20. LAPC-1?
> Or maybe a big RAM expansion card. I used to have an old
> 1MB Expanded Memory RAM card for my first XT. Was there ever
> a processor upgrade card for 8-bit ISA?
> TIA, Chris J.
> > Norm wrote:
> >
> > I have a bunch of, I believe, XT parts available. For
> > example ISA hard disk controllers, serial port and
> > parallel port boards and cables available for trade. Drop
> > me an email it you are looking for something specific.

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