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Date: Fri Jan 17 15:00:00 2003

On Jan 17, 8:01, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> BTW, does anyone know what the small raised bar on
> the EPROM sockets is for?

The early cartridges were made with a form of low exteaction force sockets
-- a kind of poor man's ZIF, designed to make it easier to extract the
ROMs. You've probably got those. You put a small screwdriver blade in,
against the bar, and twist (only when there's a chip in the socket!!)

> BTW, has anyone got a spare BBC Master Series User's Manual? The one that
> covers the Master 128?

It's called the Master Series Welcome Guide. No, I'm not parting with mine
just yet :-)

> I'd also like to find out what ROMs the
> ROM cartridges will accept - I've used 27128s and 27256s, anyone know if
> anything else will work?

AFAIR, 2732s should work, 2764s certainly work, and then up to 27128 is
officially supported. You can use 27256s and *possibly* 27512s if you
program them appropriately.

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