VXT X terminal question

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Fri Jan 17 15:18:00 2003

FWIW my recollection is that the UV3100-88, UV3100-98
and VAX 4000-108A are the same hardware as the UV3100-85,
UV3100-96 and VAX 4000-106A but respun to fit in a
PC-style case (and, for at least some options, using
PCI connectors but *NOT* a PCI bus).

> > The -85 has the
> > NVAX VIC disabled by the console during initialisation.
> VIC???

Virtual Instruction Cache. The NVAX cache hierarchy goes something
like: 2KB VIC, an 8KB P-cache (on-chip: can do Instructions, Data
or both according to config) and up to 2MB of write-back B-cache
(this one is external to the NVAX chip itself).

It's possible to enable and disable the various caches. The VIC can
be disabled by "patching" the NVAX in some dynamic way (presumably
non-reversibly or at least only reversible in an obscure way). I
don't think the same can be done for the P-cache an the B-cache is
physically fitted to the board so, short of grabbing a soldering iron,
you are stuck with what the system came with.


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