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From: John Allain <>
Date: Fri Jan 17 16:02:00 2003

For those of you whipping yourselves to death about when
copying is legal or not, just thought I'd add that the Kildall
video is Free to copy, as per

"The Prelinger movies are open and available to everyone
 without charges or fees. You are warmly encouraged to
 access, download, use, and reproduce these films in whole
 or part, in any medium or market throughout the world, for
 any purpose whatsoever except the following:

 You may not sell or sell access to the data files on this site,
 in whole or in part. You may give or transfer them to any
 other person or company, but the gift or transfer must be
 free of charge. You may not sell, represent, license, or
 charge for access to these films as stock footage.You may
 not convert these files into other online distribution formats,
 except for open-source MPEG-4 formats."

So you Can make CD copies for the list & I'm repeating
the request for a Broadband downloader.

John A.

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> Computer Chronicles Episodes are available for viewing or
> downloading:
> Gary Kildall Special :
> collection=computerchronicles&collectionid=1814&from=BA

Fantastic. I just viewed the low-res version; many priceless
perspectives. Anybody with Broadband want to make a CD
of the HiRes for me? It's 700+MB, that's 60+ hours download
on modem.

John A.
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