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From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwightk.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Fri Jan 17 16:05:01 2003

 Your questions about caps in old amps are surely
OT. The PIC stuff is at least close. Still for both
of these, there are better place. It sounds like
you've not even researched News Groups.
'rec.antiques.radio&phono' is surely a better place
for your amplifier question and groups like
'comp.arch.embedded.piclist' would surely be a better
place for your pic questions.
 Why, when there are plenty of other resourses that
are better, would you think that OT subjects are
OK to dump on this list that is suppose to be dedicated
to old computers.
 This isn't the only resourse on the net.

>From: liste_at_artware.qc.ca
>Another question would be : where should one go to discuss electronics? I
>have 2 projects I'd like some feedback on : repairing an ancient guitar
>tube amp (specifically, I think the caps in the power supply are
>hosored, causing a loud humm... but where to buy high voltage caps of
>non-standard capcitance?), and I'd really like to get into PIC programming.
> I'd really like to have a resource where I can ask all the newbie
>questions that crop up. (Yes, I've RTFMed, but far to often there's
>little subtle things that aren't obvious, but that someone with experience
>will know.
>On 16-Jan-2003 Tony Duell wrote:
>> Perhaps it should be user-programmable (or patchable in the case of
>> an analogue machine). This would rule out embedded microcontorllers,
>> but would allow computers based round microcontrollers (the Philips
>> G7000 (Magnavox something-or-other) has an 8048 as the main CPU, but I
>> don't think many would call it a microcontroller, for example).
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