T&B Ansley IDC connectors

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sat Jan 18 01:30:26 2003

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On 17-Jan-03 at 23:25 Charles Ader wrote:

>You may have missed the point of Jeff's question.
>He was looking for a particular type and color
>of IDC connector. The company, T&B Ansley, is

        Ohhhh, OK... You're right, I missed that.

>no longer in business. The style and color of
>their product was unique. Apart from esthetics
>these IDCs were not, in my opinion, a good
>product. They tended to fail when used with
>flat ribbon cable made by anyone other than
>T&B Ansley.

        Wait... I remember those. If I recall correctly, the contacts on the flat cable side were designed to handle a very specific shape of conductor. Their flaring did not lend itself well to -- as you point out -- anything other than T&B cable.

        I also seem to recall that their mechanical strength, in terms of the clamp portion, was not what it could have been.

        Thanks for clearing that up anyway.

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