(no subject) Enough already

From: loedman1_at_juno.com <(loedman1_at_juno.com)>
Date: Sat Jan 18 01:32:01 2003

>A resounding FUCK YOU ya Texas hick. The message is decidedly ON-TOPIC
>it refers to my main point, which is that old software will remain
>copyrighted for years to come, without any logic.

>You need to keep deleting and moving on, as I'm sure many others have
>done. Next time you have a problem then take it private and don't
>the list with your drivel.

>Or better yet, just filter my messages out, OK?

>Ya dick.

>Sellam Ismail Vintage Computer

Might I suggest that you go and start your own list where you can
belittle and insult your own members and leave the uninformed political
statements and personal attacks off of this one.
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