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Date: Sat Jan 18 09:31:45 2003

Hi, Ade.

On Jan 18, 12:55, Adrian Vickers wrote:

> It's not *quite* as bad as all that, it uses 2114's. Although they're not
> made of unobtainum, they ARE made of "rareium" (or R_at_RE!ium on eBay -
> probably the *WOW* *L_at__at_K* isotope, knowing my luck :).

Good! If it *is* a RAM fault, and you can't find one at a reasonable
price, let me know. I think I still have a small number spare.

> AFAICT, these are version 1 ROMs. Every socket is filled, and they're all
> MOS6540s.

Drat. Let's hope it's not a ROM fault. Sadly, my copy of "The PET
Revealed" with its mostly-legible (!) circuit diagrams, shows the later
board with 2332s. But I do have a copy of the MPS6540 pinout somewhere.

> Harrumph. Guess which one it has...
> Still, I've no fear of making carriers, etc. - albeit time constraints &
> lack of equipment will make it tough right now - at least until I can get
> my MicroMAT going.
> >The good news, though, is that I have a
> >chicklet-keyboard 2001-N as well, and if necessary, I could probably do
> >ROM dump for you (though IIRC it used to be on the 'net somewhere). I
> >wouldn't need to move more than a few hundreweight of stuff to get at it
> >;-)
> That might be cool (and *snap* about the tons of stuff, although having
> seen your little collection I think you do have rather more to shift
> than me!). However, let me try out the RAM swapping & chip re-seating
> first, and if that doesn't fix it, then we'll look into EPROMs &

OK. Give me shout if you want me to start burrowing. Or come and pay a

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