Got the second batch of -11 equipment

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 15:08:45 2003

Unfortunately, the actual "machine" (the guy didnt know that the MINC-11 was
a system as well) is just an 11/23 with some RL01s.


I have no idea if the RL01 disk packs are any good, but I've got one
DEC-labled RT-11 v4.0, and one hand-labeled RT-11 v4.0C "patched to
level F". The top RL01 is missing the hinged cover.

Anybody want two RL02s (by the way, how the hell do I get the top covers
open? The "switch" on the top wont budge), and two RL01s? Pickup in
Austin, Texas..

Not a bad haul for a total of $30, even if I do just keep the 11/23 and
the MINC-11 and the racks.


bill bradford
austin, texas
Received on Sat Jan 18 2003 - 15:08:45 GMT

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