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From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 21:42:00 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Live Wire wrote:

> > I do also memember Wordstar and it's arcane command sequences. Those
> > commands persisted though, through a number of ordinary text editors
> > for programmers & such.
> This is as close to wordstar and the WS CTRL-K-x command set I have
> found. I used to use wordstar on a tiny portable computer with a 4 line
> display to write asm for the amiga 500 and then dump it via the built in
> modem. Joe is my favorite editor today, though I find myself living in
> vi for the most part...

I use 'joe' constantly myself. It's my day to day editor for editing
source code. I have used vi and vim somewhat, but I've honestly not yet
taken the time to learn vi as well as I should. I'm sure I must be missing
out by not using vi (well, thats what other software developers tell me),
but joe is fast and does what I need it to.

Somewhere, I have a complete Wordstar set for the Apple II. IIRC, I pulled
it and some other complete Apple II software from a trash pile back in
1998 or so.

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