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From: Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 02:50:01 2003

It was thus said that the Great Tothwolf once stated:
> I use 'joe' constantly myself. It's my day to day editor for editing
> source code. I have used vi and vim somewhat, but I've honestly not yet
> taken the time to learn vi as well as I should. I'm sure I must be missing
> out by not using vi (well, thats what other software developers tell me),
> but joe is fast and does what I need it to.

  I too use joe (since I first came across it in '93 or '94) for most of my
editing needs, such as email, documents and source code. I do know vi, but
only because that's a constant on any Unix work station I come across, and I
know enough of vi where for making editing changes, it's faster than joe.

  My favorite editor though, ie PE v1.0 (from IBM). Never found a bug
(unless you consider certain limitations bugs) in that program. Ever.

  -spc (Never bothered to learn emacs ... )
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