Apple 1 schematics

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 22:51:01 2003

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, Tothwolf wrote:

> The second and third problems may be slightly more difficult to overcome.
> One option would be to find an Apple 1, dump the ROMs, carefully unsolder
> all the parts and scan each side of the cleaned pc boards. The scanned
> images can then be used to create gerber files. I personally don't have
> the funds to go out and buy an Apple 1, and I don't know of anyone who
> would give up one just for it to be taken to bits.

I have dumps of the ROM, as do a bunch of other people. They were
published in the manual, and the manual has been published to the web, so
I'm certain other people have typed them in, and I've handed out copies of
the ROM to a few people.

> Another option for the second and third problems is to contact Woz and see
> if he would be willing to help. I have so far restrained myself from
> emailing him, since I know he gets tons and tons of emails, including
> people asking him if he has an Apple 1 he could give them, etc. I'd
> imagine Woz would very much like to see the Apple 1 preserved, but it
> would probably take him quite a bit of time to find all the docs and info
> that we'd need.

I asked Woz, and he said as far as he knows, the original masks for the
Apple-1 PC board no longer exist.

A schematic would have to be made from an original board. Unsoldering the
chips and sockets would be very intrusive and I doubt you'll find anyone
willing to do that. Ideally there would be some other non-intrusive
method. X-ray perhaps?

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